LU#8 "L"
Volume VI - Number 148
February 29, 2000

Ladies and gentlemen of the LU, let me start by giving you a big THANK YOU for allowing me to be your Lipscomb Underground host for 50 issues now. That's right, I've been around for 50 issues.

re: LU#7
Some people liked Jack Foley
Some people didn't
Johnny 99 somewhat vindicated

I could mention a lot of things here right now and thank a lot of people. (One thing I won't mention, though, is that I'm the first LU host to make it to the big 5-0 .) It's been great to be around for this long. Lots has gone on and it's been a blast to be in a somewhat-involved position for much of it. (I also won't mention that the LU has had more new subscribers in my term than in any of the previous terms.) But I'm not going to let 50 issues go to my head. No way. I'm going to be very humble about this. I guess it's really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. (I won't even think of comparing myself with Brian, who only hosted 47 issues.) It's just become part of my normal routine.  No big deal at all. (I also won't bring up Justin, who only had 45.) I just hope you'll continue to enjoy and participate in (notice my name and think I'm cool because I host) The Lipscomb Underground.

Seriously, though, thanks for being a part of The Underground with me. Thanks for reading it, replying to it, and talking about it "above ground." I truly hope you'll continue to enjoy The Lipscomb Underground.

"I mean really, if I wanted to surround myself with drunken, desperate people, I’d join a social club." -Jack Foley

Dear Jack,
Who you callin desperate?



Let me first say that yes, this is my first time to write in. Sometimes you can only read the LU so many times before somebody writes something that you think is absolutely upsurd that you have to write in and make an odius comment in return. Let me say these things:

I support those who wrote in about the “Freshman Class” I don’t know who you are or what you were thinking but do it differently next time. I don’t know Daniel either but surely he did not deserve that.

Lipscomb Basketball finished 29-3, Great Job Sanderson! You can’t complain about that even if you are still heartbroken over Meyer.

Lady Bisons... Time will pass and Kaia will get better, God is watching over her and your team. Your team did not get delt the best hand in the deck but let me assure you that your success has far exceeded the playing court. It has effected the way you lead your lives towards God, we are all extremely proud of you!

Everyone have a great week, see you all in Tulsa!

Until WWF comes to Lipscomb Arena
I Am,
Little Ricky


there are three things bothering me, and i was just curious to know if they bug the crap out of anyone else...

  1. first, (this doesn’t really bother me, but it’s weird) but has anyone noticed the multiple varieties of sour creme potato chips in the food court? you’ve got your plain sour creme, your sour creme and cheddar, your sour creme and vinegar, your sour creme and onion...when does the insanity stop? i don’t even like sour creme. has anyone else noticed this, or is it just my uncanny observation?
  2. this bugs me slightly more. why do the social clubs dress people up in “weird” clothes just to embarrass them? i realize that i’m gonna get bashed for this, and you may say that the social clubs don’t dress people, but they do. if you want in, you have to dress like a “geek,” which i find offensive because these people are wearing these clothes to make fun of people who normally wear those clothes, or clothes like them. the social clubs may say that they’re just having fun, but i don’t like having fun by making fun of others, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. i don’t think that’s very Christian, flame me if you wish. who are you to make fun of people?
  3. this one bugs me most of all. if you’re in a computer lab, SHUT UP! i don’t mean ignore people who say hi to you, far from it. greet your neighbors. THEN SHUT UP! i have four wc courses and have papers out the wazoo. and i get angry when i’m trying to write a paper and the person at the very end of the row of computers is literally yelling out to a person six computers away the contents of an “ohmygoshthisissofunny” email that is usually three pages long. i’m not exaggerating. tell me if this is a girl thing, if so then i will go write my papers in high rise. i mean, you guys wouldn’t believe how loud us girls can get, and some guys can get just as loud. if you want to scream and share your email humor of 1,798 lithuanian knock knock jokes or argue about the 358 question “are you a loser who forwards too much email?” quiz, then go to the student center. just leave a path up the steps, some of us would like to walk on them.


(I noticed the sour cream & onion thing on Friday.
I'm happy to report, and I'm sure you'll all be thankful, that there was a better selection on Monday.) rg


Why do you and most people speak openly about the Bible when, Heck you don’t even live by it? Why do you have the right to put people down and speak openly about things that you know will make people upset? Here in this world today we have so much violence, people shooting people, LIES Racing through college campus where that people will have a anger rage toward one another. Why do we if we are so Called “Christians” accept the ways of the “No-Christians or Integrators” to the extent of how we do? Any more people want to make up lies, roomers to hurt people for the personal gain of them where that it will make him/her feel better! Why do people that sit in Chapel or that go to Church on Sunday or Wednesday lift their hands and voices to praise God? But as soon as they get out him or her uses the same hands that they PRAISE God with use to hurt and make up Crazy things about one another to do such harm? Yes people like for things to be stirred up and people like a good fight or argument. Lay aside all your anger ways and fled to the Lord. HE does not want us to be doing all of this.

I am,
The Truth.

People can use the Bible in any way that the person wants to STOP using it to hurt people and Destory lives. God did not want the Bible to be used like that!!

(Sometimes the truth can be pretty confusing
, huh?) rg


I have been disappointed that nobody has mentioned the article in the Babbler by Miss Katie Boyer a couple of weeks ago. Is our attention span gotten that short in the Underground? I know that this grade changing issue is long since past, but at least a few words of notice are worthy of this piece of fine investigative reporting. Provost Bledsoe mentioned three grade changes that came through, which he felt as if were unnecessary. Is it just a coincidence that I happened to point out that three basketball players had their grades changed so that they could play this semester? I do not think that it is, and I would hope the intelligent readers of the Underground (obviously not Steve Shirley) would pick up on this fact as well.

I am sick of being accused of lying. Why would I make this stuff up? What do I have to gain from it? Actually I would have more to lose from making this information public. My only motivation is to simply shed some light and truth of the present corruption of our athletic department. Furthermore, I would hope that it would promote communication among our student body and administration. Therefore, readers of the Underground - I stand by my previous accusations and I wait patiently for someone to show me otherwise.

One last piece of news on the men's basketball front. While our team continues to do well, do not get to comfortable with the present team. It has been rumored that many of Sanderson's boys will be leaving after this season. Many of his recruits were not told about the present situation that our athletic department is in. Meaning that they did not know that we will not have a gym for the next two years nor will we be able to compete for anything for many years to come. And to put the icing on the cake, none of these guys knew of the stringent Lipscomb policies of chapel, bible classes, and curfew. So much for being upfront and honest!!!

Until everyone will recognize the validity in my allegations
I am
Johnny 99


To "Jack Foley,"

Your racist comments disgusted me. I suspect that you were probably making some attempt at humor, but it make me nauseous. Please don't ever again combine the ideal of living like Christ with racism or disdain for the poor, whom Jesus called His brothers. To do such things is to slander the name of Almighty God, our only hope in this world. It's careless comments like yours that make folks in the world lose all respect for Christ and His people.

With Hope For Your Change,
jason oliphant



Jack Foley,

In reference to your remark about '..if I wanted to surround myself with drunken, desparate people, I'd join a social club', I leave you with a quote often stated by someone who knew all types of critcism.

"Don't criticize what you don't understand, you've never walked in that man's shoes." ~Elvis Presley

Think before you type hoss, and while contemplating your judgement on those of us in social clubs, why don't you take another second out of your pathetic stereotypical-mindsetted life and read these two passages.

Matthew 7:1-2 "....For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged; and with the same measure you use, it will be measured back to you."

James 4:11-12 ".....(v. 12) Who are you to judge another?"

Since you don't have what it takes to sign your real name, I will just in case you want to chat,

Mark Jent


This is the first time I have written into the LU. To Jack Foley on the inncident in the high rise, rock on. Sarcasm is definitly the best weapon. This whole inncident is a sad commentary on Lipscomb life. It strikes me as odd that any drunken freak can come in high rise and harass students. He could have been a serial killer, a thief, a sadistic monster who enjoys disembowling people, anything! Basiclly any one can get into the high rise...except girls. Thats right, if you live in the high rise, you could be killed by a homeless psycopath, but you will not be having sex Thats right, it is Lipscomb’s duty to keep women out of the men’s dorms. Hey, they might let sick nuts in, but as long as they keep the women out, students will contunue to grow spiritually. That is the ridiculousness of Lipscomb. That is why I transfered. All you hear about at Lipscomb is how bad state schools are. Let me tell you from experience, they are better than Lipcomb, at least mine is. Next time you write that check for almost 15k a year for tuition, think about what your paying for... daily chapel, thats about it.

“John Smith”

(It's been well documented, even on the pages of the LU, that if a girl and a guy are in a room together they will, no doubt, have sex. Now what if the homeless psycopath is a woman?) rg


first: JP, I thought that I had made it QUITE CLEAR that my search was very brief and not all encompassing. If you do find a TUITION(not including R and B) increase that is more than 6% please inform me as I would like to know the truth. But I do want all you people still here next year that that figure is just the TUITION increase. Anybody have any figures on the overall increase? You know, R and B, Technology and the likes? This is just a guess, but I must say that it will probably be around 8%? Sounds a little steep to me.

second: I must be out of my gourd. I can't believe that there were no replies concerning the front page article in the last Babbler. Seems pretty fishy to me that all of a sudden a proposal is rushed through to make it harder to change grades. Has there been a misuse of that ability? You gots to admit that this is a little strange.

third:Now you've got me started on the Confederate flag. A writer in the tennesean a few days ago mentioned the fact that the flag was surrendered at appomatox and by that token it should be kept in museums and memorials, but not flown like a victory symbol. Face it, YOU LOST! When is the last time SI put out a special issue about the LOSER in a national championship? Why celebrate the losers? There is no glory in the flag of the loser.

jonathan ling

(I'd have several SI "OSU BUCKEYES #2!!!" special issues if they did that.) rg


Slick Eddie,

As an RA in a women's dorm, I will tell you that it is your job to take care of drunken intruders after curfew and any other time. I do understand that you do have other things to do, but if an intruder is not a security issue, I don't know what is.

Rita Dillman



Ducks can get the flu.

16th Century French doctors prescribed chocolate for venereal disease.

Shortest film role to win an Oscar: Sylvia Miles, onscreen for 6 minutes in "Midnight Cowboy."

Albert Einstein couldn't read until the age of nine.

Cost per day of fighting the Revolutionary War: $20,411.

Falling out of trees is the leading cause of death in Papua, New Guinea.

Cost per day of fighting World War II: $409.4 million.

On U.S. coins, all portraits, except Lincoln's, face left.

Alaska averages less than one person per square mile.

There were over 15,000 vacuum cleaner-related accidents last year.

The grey whale's heart beats nine times per minute.

Montreal is the second biggest French-speaking city in the world, behind Paris.

The Beatles "Hey Jude," was the #1 single of the '60s.

President Taft, in his youth, was recruited by a professional basketball team.

In a recent poll, 41% of Americans called Geraldo Rivera "the most annoying news personality on TV."

If you feed a wild moose often enough, it will begin to attak people who don't feed it.

First, to Jack Foley: I agree with you, we do need to reach homeless people and share Christ with them, but while they are wandering around High Rise drunk and scaring the wits out of people is hardly the time to do it. Under most normal circumstances, I would agree. Just for the record, some friends of mine who came into contact with him DID pray with him. I think that was a good thing, but my only point was that it was a potentially dangerous situation. Just so you know where I stand on that issue, I don't want anyone to think I have anything against evangelizing the homeless or helping them, but just that this was not the place or the time because the man was drunk and menacing.

Second, thanks to the real Freshman class for putting forth their real opinions. That's what the Underground is all about. If someone attacks me, that is my problem. But if someone claims to be you attacking me, that is something else entirely. Stand up for the integrity of what you really have to say, and don't let anyone put words in your mouth. Only when your voice is heard can you make a difference. And you are on the right path.

Until I decide to put forth an alias, I am





I am disappointed with the response that I received last time. I was accused of everything from not knowing anything about sports to being disrespectful to Mr. Sanderson and his father. Well, Mr. Smith if those allegations were totally made up, then why is Whimp a color commentator (a bad one at that) and not coaching Arkansas Little-Rock. He resigned under the pressure of those allegations, which was good enough for the parties involved to let the issue drop.

If Coach Sanderson wants to be a cheerleader, let him be one. I am all for it. However, if he is going to "pump up" the crowd, let him wear a cheerleader uniform. Let him hold a megaphone and chant "Defense" and "Rebound." Not only would he be cheering his team on, but he would be like a head cheerleader, a real boost for everyone in their seats. Everyone could take their cue from him. It would be a groundbreaking idea. Surely that would get Lipscomb athletics on ESPN, which is what the school wants anyway. If what we are concerned about is crowd participation and noise, then let the coach lead the way. Because the crowd noise is obviously the determining factor in each game. And there is no better person for the job than Scott Sanderson, because we all know that he is most concerned about you - the average fan. This is shown with his thanking the crowd after the BSC game. He is truly devoted to your experience in this last year of McQuiddy. Sanderson is such a loving and caring guy, that he will sacrifice just a little bit of his time to help you in your effort during the game. I hope the Underground will lead the way on getting Scott Sanderson into a cheerleading uniform, it will be the best athletic experience in D-1 athletics.

Until the administration decides to keep McQuiddy
I am Red Stick


dear jack foley,

i hope you don't think me an idiot, but although i could detect some sarcasm in your response, i really had a hard time making it through your speech about what went on in high rise with the homeless man. if everything you wrote was a farce, forgive my blindness, but do watch what you say next time. i was offended having to read such harsh words, true or not.

to the rest of this campus, especially high rise,

i am truly sorry that your privacy and safety was infringed on, but it seems to me that we all have the responsibility to help others. while many of you may see this as a simplistic, overly humanitarian answer to our society's problems, or this man's problems, it is a commandment we are given as christians. i understand wanting to be safe, i would be rattled if someone came into my room under the same circumstances, but the ridicule and hate that has resounded throughout the lu over the matter has hurt my ears. it is my personal belief that sometimes one must put personal safety below a greater cause -- another human being. if the simple drive to do such a thing is not enticing enough, what about the reward we are promise when doing so? what's that someone said, "when you do this to the least of these...?"

i'm not advocating that if someone is exhibiting violent actions, no one should doing anything about it, or try and take that person's hand and ask them to pray with them, that is illogical. but the incident is over, no one was hurt, some were rattled, but overall no harm was done, right? maybe that man walked away impressed by kindness, instead being impressed by the force and hate-driven actions that he might have seen all of his life. truly, i'm sorry for the concern that this has caused, but you must remember that even though we go to a private college, we are just as exposed to harm as in any other place, but because we go to a private college, and a christian one at that, we are challenged, if not expected to behave in christ-like ways. often we are threatened when others are allowed on our territory, but learning and giving and love can begin anywhere, not just where you are comfortable with it. remember that the next time you might feel like commenting on the homeless man in high rise again.

trying to remember i'm the only one who matters on this earth,


I would just like everyone to know that the person who wrote the letter stating that they were "On behalf of the Freshman class” was a young lady who i found myself sitting next to in Fanning's computer lobby. She knows who she is. And to her I have to say it was very arrogant of you to write on "our behalf." I believe that you, having nothing better to do with your time, decided to waste it making up junk and signing others names to it. From now on do us all a favor and dont reply at all but if you feel you must then sign your own freaking name.



To Jack Foley:

Is that a little bit of racism I detect in your entry in LU #7? If not, I apologize for making such a supposition. If so, I am appalled. African-Americans are people too. Just because they have different colored skin doesn’t mean that they should be treated or thought of any differently. It doesn’t mean that you should have to “worry about” them any more than anybody else.

In my opinion, two of the best spiritual leaders on this campus happen to be black. Baron Jones and Exavious Farley are two people that obviously have a strong foundational faith in Jesus Christ. They are two people (among many on this campus) that I hope to have a faith comparable to.

Once again, if I have misjudged you, I sincerely apologize. I will accept the tongue-lashing that I will get if I am wrong.



What an issue. . .about 50% dedicated to Jack Foley. Thanks, Jack.

Don't forget about the foreign policy debate, IDEALISM vs. REALISM, between Drs. Cole and Vanderpool on Tuesday night, a part of the Conversations program.  Dr. Goode will probably get a word or two in, as well. Should be a good time.

Click the "Undie" on your left to learn more about the first semester-ly awards that we will be giving in just two short months. Don't put off your nominations and votes until the last minute.  Also, take some time to swing by the website and sign the guestbook.  Someone once visited the website, but they didn't sign the guestbook, and then something bad happened.  Have a good day!!!


Until Huey Lewis and the News
plays back-up at Sing-a-rama,
I am,

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LU#8 "L"
Volume VI, Number 148
February 29, 2000

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