LU#7 "7:00 AM Jackhammer"
Volume VI - Number 147
February 22, 2000

From the depths of Sewell Hall
Enlightening hundreds via e-mail and internet
Reaching the corners of the campus,
The state,
And even parts of the country
Giving students a voice
Letting you know what the students are saying

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re: LU#6
the real Freshman class speaks
Uni. Bible/Chapel take

This is to whoever wrote that they represented the Freshman Class.

First, I have to comment on your brutal reply to "Daniel." You called him a "closed minded prick," and said "die you freakin idiot." Then you went on to threaten to beat the Babbler staff if they printed a story that "nobody(meaning you) cares about." What are you so angry about? Those are some pretty harsh words and maybe you should think twice before you use them so carelessly.

Second, Who is this "we," and where do you get off using your own opinions and trying to represent the entire freshman class? As a member of the freshman class I just have to point out that I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU, SO DON'T YOU DARE INCLUDE ME IF I DON'T AGREE!!! Which is exactly what you did. Also, you pressed the point in your reply that "Daniel" is pompous and arrogant. Well, cupcake, the real arrogance is when you come up with something and think your entire class must agree with you. Who do you think you are?

Third, you said he "Should most likely be in some sort of freshman(high school)english for idiots class" (Very clever by the way), because of grammatical errors in his complaint. Well, allow ME to point out a few of your errors:

  • 1)"The world need less of you." (self-explanatory)
  • 2)"Its not that we could not understand..." (The Its should have an apostrophe. example, It's)
  • 3) You boldly procaimed that you have "problems with his ideas and logic." Nowhere in your reply did you argue with any of his logic, or use ANY of your own. You just threatened, offended, and misrepresented innocent people.

In conclusion, I think you should reveal the real name(s) of the group you represent or "crawl under a rock" yourself.



Dear "The Freshman Class", please give your name, address, and phone number so that I and/or others may find you and beat you for your unpleasant reply. Please reply again, the angrier I get, the easier it will be to beat you without remorse. You call security hard working? Maybe individually, some of them...but as a group? Yeah...walking around giving tickets instead of responding to calls is really hard work...let me guess....freshmen year in college is the hardest year too...right?

Ryan...more remarks, you're slacking off.

I want to place my order for the Allen Bell Tower Commemorative Brick. I'd like the Matt 21:12-13 verse engraved as printed in last issue.

My advertising/sex plan is flawed. The advertising sexual partner is still getting paid for sex...just not by the person getting it.

Swallows....please don't start bringing up the old subject of the Confederate flag. I'm beginning to serious question whether or not people who fly the Confederate flag really care about the blessed South. You'll have a hard time convincing anyone that the flag represents the best of the South.

"Heaven last long, and Earth abides
What is the secret of their durability?
Is it because they do not live for themselves
that they endure so long?" - Lao Tzu

brought to you by Vraeden and the number 29

(Slacking off, eh? I prefer to think of it as: let the readers think of their own comments and give them accordingly. If something exceedingly brilliant pops into my mind, rest assured that everyone will know about it.) rg


Sitting legs crossed on the floor. On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life. First one say she got my child, but it don't look like me.


(? Sometimes open forums have their drawbacks.) rg


If I wanted to hear a boring talk about Old Testament geography and topography I'd be a regular attendant at the Summer Lectureships at any of our fine COC schools. But since I'm more in to how the Bible applies to my life and what it can teach me than finding out what type of hills are found between the mountains and the coastal plains of Israel, I'd really like to be somewhere else when University Bible rolls around, or get Dean McDowell or Dr. York back.

I'm willing to pay $5 per chapel to anyone willing to sit in my University Bible seat during this next session. Any takers?

Until these five weeks have passed, I am,




i wish you would not sign things the freshmen class unless you have talked to everyone in the class and as far as i know you didn't talk to me.



I talked to Patrick Cameron and he informed me the two calls were required because they were looking in the halls. If he was in someone's room with the door shut then that person is an IDIOT!!

Both times two of Lipscomb's finest were sent. As for the "helpful and friendly" clipboard holders I am one and it's not our job until curfew, before then its an R.A. job.

slick eddie


This is my first time to write in ever. I've enjoyed reading the LU over the past semester, but I was appualed by the writings of the person claiming to be "The Freshman Class." So this is to him or her.

First, where do you get off claiming to be the entire freshman class? That's very arrogant of you to claim to be the voice of the whole class.

Second, I really don't like you dissing my friends (Daniel). It's cool of you diss what he said, I don't always agree with him. But where do you get off calling him "pompous and arrogant?" You obviously don't know him because if you did you would know he is one of the least arrogant people on this campus. I have noticed that the truly arrogant people are the ones who don't take the time to get to know people before bashing them.

Third, about Professor Smith, I, at first, felt the same as you about him. Instead of bashing him, though, I took the time to go by his office and visit and get to know him. You'll never believe what I learned: I was wrong. He is one of the kindest and most intelligent men I know. People who are jealous of his intelligence are the ones who called him arrogant. Trust me, Professor Smith is much smarter than you or I.

Finally, just a little advice. Before replying again stop and think things through first, don't jump to conclusions. Get to know a person before bashing them. If you still don't like them at least you'll know what you're talking about.

Until the eternal reality I am


Courtesy of Mark Twain
"All you need in this life is
ignorance and confidence
and then success is sure."

"The lack of money
is the root of all evil."

"Be careful about reading health books.
You may die of a misprint."

"If I cannot swear in heaven
I shall not go there."

"Thousands of geniuses
live and die undiscovered
- either by themselves, or by others."

"But who prays for Satan?
Who in eighteen centuries,
has had the common humanity
to pray for the one sinner
who needed it most."

"Why shouldn't truth
be stranger than fiction?
Fiction, after all,
has to stick to possibilities."

"There are two times in a man's life
when he should not speculate:
When he can afford to and when he can't."

"We do not deal much in facts
when we are contemplating ourselves."

"It takes me a long time
to lose my temper but once lost,
I could not find it with a dog."

"I wonder how much it would take to buy a soap-bubble
if there was only one in the world."

In reply to "The Freshmen Class" I believe the word "class" should be eliminated for 2 reasons. 1) Class has a double meaning. It can also mean having taste maybe even tact. The author showed neither. 2)In this I am assuming that the author intended to speak for the entire Freshmen Class. Well, I am part of that Freshmen Class and I do not wish to be associated with something devoid of any sound arguments that may back up his/her reason of being so angry. In the future please limit crediting your opinions to yourself and those who will stand behind you.

~A *Member* of the Freshmen class


At the LU, what we're about is raising issues. That's right. It's about having a forum where we can express our opinions and discuss current events. If the entire "freshman class" doesn't like it, I guess that's their problem. Of course, I am suppossing that you are a highly representative group of the freshman class, and that you all feel the same way about everything. I am guessing that you are NOT just a bunch of random knotheads who decided to read the LU, and throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing by ranting about the first possible thing you could find. Or better yet, I am SURE you dont know me, and aren't just intentionally giving me a hard time. Especially since nobody has any idea who I am (yeah right). No, you are not only earnest, completely representative members of the freshman class, you are also upstanding citizens, willing to bash needless blabber about things that don't matter. For that, I respect you. Your journalistic integrity is in and of itself superb, and as for that great Freshman in high school English class I need, I am sure you are more than qualified to teach it to me. No, I think everyone can see your greatness, your unending perseverance in representing the freshmen, and I know that everyone respects you. But how can anyone at all respect you when you don't even respect yourself? As Freud would have been sure to note, you are targeting me with your pent-up self-doubt from the Oedepus years, where you never succeeded in your unending quest to mate with both your parents. Furthermore, your childish pranks fail to amuse me. Your pennies in the door, your Hawaiian punch, the fingernail polish on the lock, I found none of them particularly funny. Am I getting through to you? I know who you are and I know where you sleep, maggot fiends.

How's that for condescending? ;)

Till the Freshman class grows up, I am

(I love a good Underground throw-down.) rg



Although I do not support the 6% tuition increase, my mathematically feeble mind IS telling me that if the national average for tuition increase is 5%, there's probably a good chance that SOMEONE has raised their tuition 6%. My guess is that there was probably a school somewhere that had a 4% increase. Well, wouldn't that require a school to raise tuition by 6% in order to end up with a 5% average? Hmmm.


(There could be 4.9 and a 5.1; a 5.4 and four 4.9s; a 5.7, a 5.2, a 5.1, and a 4.0; twenty 5.1s and a 3; etc. . .the possibilities are endless.) rg


I couldnít believe the reports of an intruder in the High Rise dorm. As a High Rise resident myself, itís scary as well as disturbing. A drunken black man on OUR campus?!? What is happening to Lipscomb University?

When I came to school here, my momma promised that I would never have to worry with three things: black people, those in desperate need, and the real world in general. How are we supposed to learn to be Christ-like with such distractions? If I canít play my Dreamcast and drink my Snapple in peace without some less-fortunate individual sauntering through my door, I may not make it to graduation. Maybe Iíll tranfer to Pepperdine, where they have the whole distance-from-poverty issue solved.

I mean, Iím involved in the Inner City Ministry...itís not like I donít care. But one hour out of my week is about all I can spare for those people. And itís me visiting their territory (or lack thereof), not the other way around!

I mean really, if I wanted to surround myself with drunken, desperate people, Iíd join a social club. I demand armed guards for high rise, and a pool table for the student center.

Thanks for your time,
Jack Foley



        I've got a relatively significant announcement (according to LU standards) to make in the next issue. Stay tuned.

        On another subject, many of you know, because you were present at Woodmont Hills last Wednesday night, that the lady who was scheduled to speak, a Holocaust survivor, had to reschedule. She will be speaking this Wednesday night to the college class at 6:30.

        Finally, continue to keep the replies coming. There are also still some on this campus that don't know of the LU. (I'll give you a minute to catch your breath.) Spread the word about the LU, read the LU, reply to the LU, and repeat.

Until. . .oh, nevermind,
I am,

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LU#7 "7:00 AM Jackhammer"
Volume VI, Number 147
22, 2000

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