LU#5 "High Society"
Volume VI - Number 145
February 8, 2000

        Back again. Because of the large number of new subscribers in the last two weeks, it's time again for LU-101. If you've been receiving the LU since last semester, feel free to skip over this. However, if you're new to the LU this semester and you aren't familiar with the process of The Underground, let's go over how this fine "publication" works.

why Chris should like chapel
High Rise's visitor and the tardy security
"lay off of the coach," they say
Study Abroad Week: Lipscomb in Vegas?
re: LU#4
news from the Board

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       With all of that said, let's move on to the replies. . .

no jason, university bible is always a bad idea. and, roy, i'm the person that wants to hear all about free tickets any day of the week, thank you very much.



First: Ryan, Is the disclaimer new? I had never noticed it until today, and was just wondering.
Second: It seems to me that University Bible is going much better this semester than the previous. I am privileged to not have to attend it, but all reports I hear are good. Maybe the Bible department finally got its act together...?
Third: Metz, you are not the only one to have to deal with the inadequacies of the financial aid office. They are just flat out screwy there. They just got the financial aid checks from last semester at the end of the year. That isn't the governments fault. It is because no one sent in the paperwork on time. Its not like there are 65000 students here.

jonathan ling

(Yes, it is new. . .and long overdue. It's really best for everyone involved. I was thinking about putting something in really small, like "if you read this I'll buy you lunch" but, note to self, scratch that idea, nothing gets buy committed LUers.) rg


Hi. First off, I want to say that I have enjoyed U.B. this semester. Of course, I also enjoyed it last semester when F. Lagard Smith was speaking, so I guess that makes me the odd man out. I must admit, though, that Dean MacDowell is very thought-provoking also, and a lot easier for the layman to understand.

Next on the agenda, though, is something that happened in high rise. The Babbler isnt going to cover it, (I guess it could be a little too controversial or something.) Anyway, not too long ago, on High Rise's third floor, a big african american homeless man walked in off the street, and went to a few peoples' rooms and asked them if they would pray with him. I know of several different people who this happened to. All too happy to oblige, (the dude was big) one of my friends let him in their room. He reeked of alcohol, and excused it with, "we all have our struggles." Then, he started quoting scripture and praying. After he was done praying, he told one of the two inhabitants of the room to pray. Then, when he started praying, this man told him to shut up, because he sounded like a redneck, and accused him of wanting to lynch him. Then, he made the other guy pray. When all this prayer stuff was over, he told him he just got out of prison, (used a few explotives in the process) and said he was needing a bus-ticket to Virginia. My friend told him they couldnt help him too much, but gave him $5.00 to get rid of him. He stayed in their room about 45 minutes! Then, this man evidentally went on down the hall and harrassed some more people, and tried to get some of them to give him a ride to Virginia. Well, this started to wear thin on one of Hise Rise's residents, so he told him he couldnt help him, made him leave (I guess he didnt let him in the room in the first place) and then he called security. Security didnt come. However, who did come was this homeless guy. Yes, he came back to his room a second time! After he got rid of him a second time, he called security AGAIN after which someone eventually came over, found this guy, and firmly escorted him out of the building. What I want to know is, what the heck? Where was security the first time he called? Why was a homeless man wandering around High Rise's third floor and randomly harassing people? I dont have the answers, but what I do know is that something is gravely wrong with this picture. Security had to be called twice! I cant emphasize that enough, because if you dont feel safe in your dorm now, thats probably because you arent. I think this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. What if this guy would have had a gun? What if he would have robbed or killed a student? He was just a drunk bum, (oh yeah, he also said he used to go to David Lipscomb in the 70's and met David Lipscomb's wife. Go figure.) My friends found it slightly amusing and mildly alarming. Granted, it might have been much worse. But I think this should be a wake-up call to us. We are not as safe as we ought to be, and something should be done about it. Thanks for your time.

Until High-Rise is bum-proof, I am


News From The Board

As of the Board's last meeting, they have decided to:
  • Renovate High Rise this summer
  • Begin construction on the new parking garage in March
and the news you've all been waiting for. . .

  • Raise tuition by 6%


It seems to me that Sanderson is doing a fine job with the Bisons. To be a good coach you don't have to act like every other good coach. You just have to do for your team what you can to help win games. Coach Sanderson is very effective at coaching the team and getting them excited. Besides, when was the last time you remember the cheerleaders inciting an overwhelming noise from the crowd? No one pays attention to them.



I never write in to the Underground, I only read it. But the comments written by "Red Stick" made me laugh enough to respond as he displayed his ignorance about sports. Red Stick implied that Coach Sanderson was not a good coach. In case you haven't noticed, the team has a 21-2 record. For Red Stick, who apparently knows nothing about sports, that's pretty good.

Also, how many times have you watched John Wooden coach? That's what I thought, never. Coaches always try to get crowds excited or "pumped up" about games. They do it so their players will play better. Cheerleaders do this, but when the fans see the Coach trying to make the crowd loud, it's all the better. I do not understand why Sanderson flapping his arms at a game offends you so much. If you do not like it, then just watch the game.

And finally Red Stick, what's up with the cheap shot analogy between Wimp and Coach Sanderson about their secretaries? This is what made me angry. I do not like it when people talk about other people, much less people they do not even know (for those that don't know, Wimp Sanderson was accused of sexually harassing and beating his secretary. However, no evidence of this was EVER found). Sanderson is a good person who is trying to do well at his job just like anyone else. I, for one, am really enjoying this basketball season. Even more so than last year. You should feel ashamed for what you wrote in about Sanderson. You should also feel like an idiot for the way you made yourself look on the Underground. If I were you, I wouldn't have signed my real name either.

Tim Smith


I am glad to say that I have not had a post in quite a while. I'm out of the loop and can not get any of these fine groundbreaking stories like Jonny99. My responses to a few people:

  • Jonny-Meyer is gone. Welcome to D-1 basketball. Go watch Hoosiers.
  • Jason and Roy-Ditto on chapel remarks
  • Steve-Pull your head out of your @$$. No one can get sued here because of everything is either opinionated or a joke. It would get thrown out before trial started I have only B-law under my belt and I even know this!
  • Metz'79-I feel your pain. We've had this talk on more than one occassion.
  • Red Stick-The cheerleaders suck! Sanderson is the best one. And no he isnt Meyer, he is a whole hell of a lot better and more exciting to watch.
  • Jonny again-GET LAID!

Until UT realizes they are a football school,



hey Johnny99 put your real name down.

to Steve thanks for the ever watchful eyes.

slick eddie


We all continue to despise every squirrelly word written by Steve Shirley, no matter where we read it. Please do not let him submit anything else to your underground for the sake of the rest of us.

Concerned alumni



Madame, not one man is selfless; I name not one, Madam.

Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside

Go hang a salami! I'm a lasagna hog!

Emil, a sleepy baby, peels a lime

Tennis set won, now Tess in net.

Too far, Edna, we wander afoot.

Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz' rat.

Star comedy: Democrats.

Ma is a nun, as I am.

Wonton? Not now.

I'm a boob, am I?

I Love Me, vol. I

Party boobytrap

Angola balogna

To Chris Collinson:

Chris,in your comment about "chapel sucking," all I can tell you is you need a serious lesson on gratitude. I grew up, let's just say "quite unprivileged" and it was always my dream to come to Lipscomb to school so that I could have the daily chapel and Bible experiences. I never thought that I would actually get to come so I thank God everyday for letting me come here, even though there is no way that I could every afford. Chris, there are thousands of people who long for a Christian education and can't have it, not only for financial reasons. You really should reconsider why you are here and be more grateful for the opportunities that you have. If you hate chapel so bad, then why did you come to school here?

--Jeremy Harwell


This is a reply to chris complaining about chapel. I have been at Lipscomb since I was four years old and have had chapel every day. There is nothing wrong with chapel. Some may be boring and others great. You have to take them as they come and to the part about you saying it is destoying your faith. You are the one with the problem not chapel. So quite whinning and making stupid statements if you don't like it leave!!

Brian Gentry


in reply to chris collinson:

i am so sick of hearing people gripe about chapel. you knew it was required when you came yet you chose to come. grow up and move on. as for you wanting to kill someone or throw up when you go in chapel then i suggest you need to have a heart change. i dont always enjoy chapel either but it is part of the requirement. there is actually something to be learned from chapel.

move on.



Red Stick (or Baton Rouge...which I very much prefer),

What's so wrong with this "Sanderson cat" pumping up the crowd at basketball games? It seems to me like he realizes that at certain critical points crowd involvement can play a major role in the outcome of the game. While I'm a huge fan of Don Meyer and his coacing style, at times Sanderson's style has been a welcome change. His reactions on the sidelines and his enthusiasm for the game unquestionable, and I think it's great that he wants the crowd to get into the game. Not that I have anything against our cheerleaders, but come on. Hearing cheers composed of the same words (go, bisons, gold, lipscomb, fight, win, etc. arranged in various ways) doesn't exactly get me fired up. I applaud the cheerleaders for their spirit, but I would much rather see someone who is a little more connected to the game (i.e. the coach and players) get excited about the game and try to get us excited as well.

In reference to the study abroad section of last week's Babbler...I know it wouldn't exactly be considered abroad, but would anybody be interested in Lipscomb in Vegas? Just wondering.


(Or how about Coach and some of the players thanking the fans after the B.S. game. It's nice to know we're appreciated.) rg


      Well, Chris, have you learned your lesson? Go to chapel, sing loud, bow your head when we pray and like it.

      On another subject: In only a two short months we'll be giving our inaugural Lipscomb Underground _______ of the Semester Awards. Be thinking of who you'd choose in various categories such as Professor of the Semester, Reply of the Semester, Bison Paint-Job of the Semester, etc. We'll be taking nominations soon and awards will be given sometime in April.

Until future civilizations unearth orange barrels,
look at them curiously,
and say, "Huh?",
I am,

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Volume VI, Number 14
February 8, 2000

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