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Volume VI - Number 144
February 1, 2000

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chapel takes
Johnny99 writes back
financial aid and billing

In reply to Jonathon Bradley:

Chapel is a burden. After 3 1/2 years in chapel and bible, I can say it sucks huge. I am about to graduate and I will leave lipscum knowing that my faith in God has been destroyed. It is mostly because people refuse to grow up and leave the emotionalism of their hometown youth group. So, every time I walk into chapel, I want to either kill someone or throw up.

Chris Collinson

(How 'bout that University Bible?) rg


I'm very glad to see Lipscomb do so well on the basketball court, but if we say that we have student-athletes at this school, we need to make sure that they are just that: students. Where exactly are our priorities? If our #1 priority is basketball, we should at least be honest about it. If our priority is "Christ-centered academics" (or as we've heard on more than one occasion: "to make life- long disciples of Christ") then there is no room for grade tampering. Let's be slow to judgment and quick to find truth. (Or for those on the other side of the fence, let's be slow to make general defenses and quick to reveal truth.)

On another subject, am I the only one who has been pleasantly surprised with Dean McDowell's University Bible? I gather that he's not just preaching at us, or feeding us 110 years of doctrine, but he's actually speaking to us on a personal level. What a novel ideal. Thank you, Dean McDowell, for being honest and sincere with us. And thank you, Dr. York, for your worship leading. There's no need to bring in off- campus worship leaders when we have leaders like you. I find myself actually looking forward to chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Since when was a chapel "experience" meant to be enjoyable all of the time? When we start to compare worship of God to an "enjoyable experience," we start to limit our worship of Him to our emotions and feelings. If one goes to chapel, or to a worship, not feeling joyful, it's not because somethings wrong with chapel, but because his/her heart is burdened with something else. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. There have been times that I feel terrible going to church on Sunday mornings. Having to wake up at 7:00am, drive 20 miles, and stay there for two services playing music and leading the congregation in singing. Sometimes I just don't "feel" up to it or into it. But God knows my heart better than I do. He knows what the problem is, and He knows what, or who, the solution is-Jesus Christ. And, when I leave church later on, I'm always in better spirits. It's because of the Word, not because I've made myself happier or more joyful. Now, if the Word is not getting out during chapel-that's another thing. I personally think we spend too much time making announcements, and not enough time in worship. With only 20 minutes, why do we spend 10 hearing about how we can get free Vandi tickets?

Roy Carlson


GO Rams!!!!


(good pick) rg


First things first,
My prayers go out to Kaia and her family. Words fail me other than to ask God's comfort.

Thoughts after reading Loos 2 and 3.
Johnny 99--Provide proof of your allegations or stop your rumor mongering. You hurt the credibility of other Loo "investigative reporters" with your unsubstantiated claims. You are walking a fine line (my opinion-over the line) with your allegations and have already received a warning from Provost Bledsoe. If you continue to spread "rumors", watch yourself because you may end up facing disciplinary action and possibly even legal action.

Ryan--I know the Loo is a free forum "where the students of Lipscomb University can express their own opinions, no matter how stupid." But you also run the risk of disciplinary and legal action for libelous content from Loo submissions. Johnny 99's comments were close to libel from a legal standpoint. I know you don't want to edit content, but you also don't want to be sued. Seek the truth but tread carefully. Just a thought.

All Looers--Here's the deal folks. Seek the truth with vigor. Embrace the truth with vengance. Shout that truth "from the rooftops" with boldness. Just be sure it is the truth! It is one thing to announce rumors of school events or to share your opinion about issues concerning Lipscomb. But it is another thing entirely to accuse individuals, groups or entities of illegal acts. You start going there and you are going to need solid proof of what you claim. "Provable truth" is your best weapon (and your only defense) in this cause. I love a bold, investigative firebrand spreading the truth. But I despise a hasty, vindictive snitch spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

Until I can learn to let stupid posts go without comment,
I am,
Steve Shirley

P.S. Ryan, could you please provide some sort of update on Kaia for those of us out of the Lipscomb loop? I have only seen the stories in the Tennessean.

(Although vastly under-paid, the LU's legal advisor tells me that there is no threat regarding this matter.
In regard to your question about Kaia, I contacted Assistant Coach April St.John and she told me this:

The fighting spirit that has carried Kaia to a State Championship victory and an MVP trophy is at work in her even now. Kaia is still in intensive care. They are dealing with the aftereffects of the illness as it has attacked her body. Doctors are confident that Kaia has full mental capabilities after tests conducted. They continue to make decisions each day for the best medical course. Her parents are confident that all is being done that can be done for Kaia. Please continue to pray for her and for her parents. It has been an exhausting ordeal. They need God's strength daily.


If you'd like to send a note to Kaia and/or her family, the address is: rg


LUers - it seems like I have created quite a stir......That is what I intended to do. My apologies to Jerry Sloan, who pointed out quite correctly that the entire athletic program is not receiving the benefits of this move to D-1. I believe someone showed this in an earlier post, by pointing out that the women's basketball coaching staff received less money than the men's. My intent was not to slam the athletes, but instead the administration.

Now, Mr. Provost - I never mentioned the name of the Math professor in question, nor the student- athlete. It seems to me that you have already caught wind of this information before my post on the LU, because you already knew where to look. Furthermore, you failed to rebut the accusation about outside pressure being exerted on the professor. Which leads me to part II of this story. As the story goes, this particular Lipscomb retiree told this professor that this was the player's only chance of going to heaven. If this student-athlete failed, his scholarship would no doubt be taken away and he would be doomed to HELL!!!! Interesting concept - cheat and fudge on some grades and God will look the other way. Not to mention the blatant arrogance, which says that we Lipscomb people are so good and right, we can get anyone into heaven.

Now, all of you want proof, and you should. The problem is folks, my sources won't go on record and neither will anybody else who knows anything. We did get the Provost to write in and make a half attempt of covering it. But all he did was raise more questions than he gave us answers. I am not making this up boys and girls, this comes from people who know. Unfortunately they won't talk and that is why I must shed some light here on the LU.

Oh, one more thing - people have mentioned the Graduate Assistant controversy with the Men's Basketball team i.e. - he is not Church of Christ so they enrolled him a class to cover their butts. Well for your information, the "graduate" class he is taking this semester is "Private Guitar." Looks like he is working real diligently on that Master's. Once again my point is to show the hypocrisy in this institution. We can talk about "Integrity" and "Lighting the Way," but all this Vision crap has lead to is scandal and greed.



Bad Ideas
courtesy of Misfortune 500

Company: United Airlines
Promotion: "Fly Your Wife for Free"
Businessmen were invited to buy a ticket and bring their wives along at no charge. Part of the promotion included a letter from the airline thanking the people for taking advantage of the offer. Soon letters poured in to United from angry wives saying they hadn't been their husbands' companions, and demanding to know who had.

Company: Rival Dog Food
Promotion: A media event to publicize Rival's new dog food
In the mid-'60's, the president of Rival invited the press to lunc
h.  He brought along a special guest -- a pedigree collie -- which sat at the main table with him and was served Rival's new "all-beef dinner" for its meal.  A clever way to get attention, except that the dog wouldn't eat it.  Wouldn't even sniff it.  In desperation, the Rival president reached into the dog's bowl and ate the stuff himself -- to the cheers of reporters.  The next day, newspapers carried stories with headlines such as RIVAL PRESIDENT EATS DOG FOOD, BUT DOG WON'T.  "I've never used an animal since," said the chairman of Rival's PR firm, who was fired the next day.

To properly set the stage I must begin when I came to the school about three or four days before the semester started in order to pay off my account for the semester. I made this special trip only to find that the scholarships had yet to be added onto the accounts and so the ladies in the office had to estimate on a calculator what I would owe this semester. ($5,000 a semester for what? why do we even have these computers?) Now I understand that many of you allow mom and dad to pay your bills and so this response is totally irrelevant to you. But for those of us who go through school busting our butt trying to pay off these huge tuition bills this is for you.

Any ways, back to my story. Yesterday, (that was Wednesday, January 26) I went to the business office to get a print out of my account here at Lipscomb, just to keep the office honest and in order to check up on them. (OK the real reason I went is because I knew they would have messed up my account some where along the lines.) So I get the print out only to find that I still owed some serious cash, in other words, and let me spell this out real clear because this, I feel, there is no excuse for! The date is January 26 and my account is not even up to date. The worst of it is that the school makes you pay off your bill before the semester begins or they whack you with some $40 "tuition enrollment plan" (a.k.a. - FINE). Pretty tough to pay off an account when you don't know what you owe. I am not blaming the business office or anyone in particular. It probably most likely deserves to go to the financial aid office. Casting all blame aside there is no doubt a serious problem in the way we are billed. They can complain about being understaffed or whatever. My opinion is stop complaining and just get the job done. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE WHEN THERE IS THIS MUCH MONEY ON THE LINE FOR THERE TO BE SUCH LAX IN TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Something needs to be done. Maybe we should look at things like this before we go ripping down existing dorms and making serious additions to student centers. All things I am in favor of, but what about PRIORITIES. Guess that is what it really boils down to.

Those who this does not involve please do not waste your time by complaining about my "whining" or any other derogatory comment you might come up with. This deals with those hardworking blue collar working people who weren't so lucky to be brought up in Green Hills or in Belle Meade.

Metz '79                     (What a disguise! No one will ever figure me out)

(I'm not offering this for consolation, but similar comments can be read in LU#3 from the fall of '99 by JSullivan. A few isolated incidents or an all-too-common occurance?) rg


What's the deal with this Sanderson cat "pumping up" the crowd. I am sorry Ryan, but that is why we have cheerleaders. I do not believe that we would have ever seen legendary coach John Wooden "pumping up" the crowd, but then again Sanderson is no John Wooden…………or Coach Meyer! I just hope that this Sanderson coach's secretary fares a little better than Whimp's!

Red Stick


I am new to the LU so please overlook my inexperience. Briefly I wanted to let everyone know that after the Homecoming issue of the Babbler I sent Flatt an e-mail questioning his integrity and his lack of communication with the student body on issues that were of concern to it. He replied to my e-mail and asked me to set up a meeting. We met right before Thanksgiving, and he claimed that he had adequately communicated with the students on the issues of Varnado and NCAA. I asked him why he had not responded to the letter to the editor in the Babbler which issued a challenge to Flatt and the administration to communicate with the students. (That was the article that was signed by 6 or 7 students.) He offered the excuse that he travels so much that often he doesn't read the Babbler. I told him that as President of the school he had a responsibility to read the newspaper that helped to voice the opinion of the students. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. That was 40 minutes of me complaining about the direction he was taking the school and of him giving his usual polished predictable answers. At the end of the meeting he asked me what I thought he should do. I told him he needed to start reading the Babbler and he needed to write a letter addressed to the students in the next issue of the Babbler concerning the issues I had confronted him with. Much to my surprise, he did. I appreciated him making an effort, but his explanations are still lacking. I wonder if he reads the Babbler now.



         Because the new road that leads to Elam is not one-way, and only wide enough for two cars, parking on the curb just before the circle is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Please avoid doing this.

Until the Titans meet the Browns in an AFC championship,
I am,

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February 1, 2000

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