LU#12 "Hard At Play "
Volume VI - Number 152
April 4, 2000


re: LU#11
SGA: reps or "advisors"?"
misc. thoughts

        It's that time of the week again.  Yes, it's time to hop on the Underground train and read those unedited, uncensored student opinions.  

        Actually, there hasn't been much lately that would warrant censoring, if we were the censoring bunch. . .not that I'm complaining, mind you, I'm just making an observation.  Anyway, let's move on to the replies in this week's Lipscomb Underground.



Lloyd Floyd:
You assume two things.  First, that elected governments can actually represent the true will of the people.  Second, that elected officials actually have power in a bureaucracy. 

You must make a distinction between the desires of the masses and an enlightened will towards progress.  In most democratic situations the "will of the people" is actually nothing more than selfish whining.  If enough people decide that they want the same thing, they can force it on the rest of the population via the strong arm of the government.  It's called the tyranny of the majority and is only possible in a pure democracy, which seems to be the form of student representation you are striving for.

What we have at Lipscomb, in terms of student representation, is nothing more than elected advisory body.  This elected body can only pass along suggestions to the plutocracy/theocracy that governs the school.  It is given just enough power and money to allow it to provide entertainment and aid in the goals of the Board of Directors.  Truly radical notions (or even moderately radical ones) can never make it to the BOD because of fear towards authority figures ala Machiavelli.  Also, deep down we have been conditioned to believe that those in power and those who are older, especially older males, are always right.  It's the lingering effects of patriarchy.

I agree with you that something will have to be done about overcrowding.  And I agree with you about not voting, but for the reason that working within the system rarely changes anything.  If you want to make your point, start sleeping on the steps of Crisman and tell them you're preparing for the inevitable room shortage by conditioning yourself to Nashville weather conditions.

And if you think that the SGA providing entertainment is harmless or is provided as just a service to the students, try reading Niel Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death.  It's in the library.  You know, the big building with lots of books?  While it's specifically about television, it also supplies some insight on entertainment in general as a control mechanism similar to Aldous Huxley's drug Soma in Brave, New World.

Is Torment you squire?  Do the other three horsemen have squires as well?  Pestilence needs a squire named Anthrax or Bubonic or something like that, I think.

I'm still waiting for everyone upset over hazing to start protesting tribal induction rituals in other aspects of society.  Like boot camp and junior high.  Anyone interested in learning more about the social precedent and reason for hazing should feel free to contact me.

Jackson Doyle

"The pigeons in B.F.Skinner's cages are political prisoners."
        -anonymous hippy graffiti artist




I apologize for misinterpreting your response in #9, and I appreciate your correcting me in a civilized way. 
Brian Gentry


        I would like to apologize for giving you the impression that I was bashing business fraternities.  My point was that Alpha Kappa Psi and other such organizations are completely respectable, even though they serve functions other than solely glorifying God.  If you have a club that stresses Christian ideals, but exists for another purpose, then I feel that social clubs can as well.  I'm saying that I don't think that social clubs are the evil, Satanic establishments that so many people are trying to make them out to be.  Sorry for the confusion.

        I have taken a philosophy course, and it was a very good one, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.



There was a DEATH on the original LU (yes, I was here in the days of Stinky and Toad-man).

I know Death, and you, sir, are no Death.

Bart Bowling

(Specifically, the Death that hosted LU#16 in the Fall of '94.  Thanks for sticking around.) rg



Bryan Stephenson,

You get my "best entry ever" award.   Please take that well-grounded, passionate attitude with you when you enter the job force.  It will serve you well in dealing with similar types of ridiculous arguments. Good luck. 

Beth Earnest Morrow
(alumni '98)




your "pledges" don't do "stupid" things because you aren't the kind of club people are arguing about, unless i just didn't see your jersey last thursday and missed the invitation to the alpha kappa psi stunt spectacular in alumni.  you don't learn the same type of brotherhood and commitment in a business fraternity.  don't bother writing in again.




Well, Hunter, I can tell you what the deal is with sitting on the steps.  When someone wants to get into or out of the Student Center, they have to step over at least five people.  Personally, I do not like completing an obstacle course to get my mail or lunch, or to get back to class.  Not to mention the fact that's it's dangerous.  I don't mind having people sitting on the steps, I just wish that they would be considerate of others and leave an aisle or some space so there is a way to get into and out of the SC.

Bryan, you talk about others judging you and your fellow club members, yet you seem to be doing the same thing.  Just because someone uses a "codename" does not mean that they are "skeert".  Maybe it means that they are having fun, going along with the whole idea of an "underground" publication.  And yes, it is true that the sins the social clubs have commited are not the only sins, but just try to remember (and this goes for EVERYONE) that when you point a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you.

I would just like to say, isn't Lipscomb's whole campus basically the same?!?  There really isn't all that much racial or cultural diversity...well at least that's what I see.  So I think that it makes sense that social clubs aren't really all that diverse.

Jonathan:  please refer to my reply to Bryan Stephenson.
Thank you


Besides, all my friends will know who I am, seeing as how they are the people who started calling me "buckaroo".  And doesn't the "cat" give away my name?

(Oh, yeah. . .Cat.  Duh.) rg



from James Thurber

courtesy of


OOOHHHH NO, Death and Torment, I am frightened by your ghastly threats.



(The Lipscomb Underground: specializing in the most intellectual debates and conversations.) rg



I really don't see why people spend so much time getting upset about social clubs.  I'm a sophomore and i just pledged and i guess you could say that i used to agree with the complainers.  I didn't see what the reason was for going through three weeks of humiliation and having to pay money just to be in a club.  However, now that i am in a club i understand it a lot better and will allow you into my insight.

First of all the pledging process.  People make such a big deal out of it.  Sure they are people that take things to far, but for the most part the actives are trying to show you how to rely on other people (your pledge brothers) in hard times.  You then form an amazing bond with these people.  If administered correctly, pledging may be painful but it is amazing what you learn about yourself.

Secondly, now that i am in the club i now see the loyalty that comes along with it.  We just returned from formal and it was amazing to see how readily accepted all of the newcomers were.

I believe that most people who hate clubs are people who have not gotten bids or have come here predisposed to not liking them.  I just think that when you see it from the inside you understand that it is more about brotherhood than events and jerseys.

The main thing that is always stressed is that we may be brothers in this club, but above that we are brothers in Christ.

Kacy Maxwell



I have nothing against sitting on the steps, I do it myself. I think the problem instead is those inconsiderate people who choose to sit on the steps during times of large traffic. We all have the ability to stand up and move when people need to get by. That is only common courtesy. What gets me, is when I and a hundred some odd other people are trying to go to lunch and you all sit there in your groups leaving just enough space for a thin line of people( your fellow club members and independents) to struggle through. Hey!, we would all like to sit on the steps and enjoy the sun, but some of us have enough respect for others not to sit in their path. Please take this into consideration next time. Thanks for not getting in the way!!

To Bryan Stephenson, President of the ICC,

It is good to see that you are very adament with your arguements towards, in your own words, angry misinformed judgers. I just have a few questions about how you have made your case. First of all, if there is drinking, pot smoking, sexual activity (not necessarily intercourse, Bill Clinton) then what are you complaining about. If its true then accept responsibility for your actions. We didn't tell you to go out and do it, you chose to. Secondly as the President of the ICC, I would have thought that you would represent everybody else by using another term than "having your shit together". I mean come on. We aren't paying for a college education just so we can you use little four letter words to describe things in our life. Last but not least, if you know what's in the LU and you disagree with it then why waste your time reading it and my time responding to it with ignorant comments of your own. You give the Fraternities and Sororities a bad image. If I was you, I would apologize to the other members of the ICC for representing them so poorly, and opening my mouth befor thinking through what I said. Have a good rest of the semester.


Sean Harrell




        Well, that was a pretty low-key issue.  I don't have much to add.  Just a few things.

        Time is running out for you to make your nominations for "The Undies."  Read more about these new Underground awards and make nominations by going to the "Undie Page" on the LU website.    If you already know who or what you'd like to vote for, just hit one of the "reply" links.  The committee will be making their decisions over the next two weeks.  Taking part in "The Undies" will only take a minute of your time.  Vote today.

        Finally, not much has been said about Lipscomb Radio this semester, but I've heard the "Webb & Coch Show" is pretty entertaining.  They said they'll be interviewing the lead singer of Vertical Horizon on their show this Thursday at 5.

Until I sing the National Anthem at an
opening day baseball game
I am,

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LU#12 "Hard At Play "
Volume VI, Number 152
4, 2000

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