Volume VI - Number 141
January 11, 2000

You've found it!

Volume Six starts a new era at The Lipscomb Underground, and we're really excited about this at the LU headquarters. I regret to say that I wasn't a LUer during the last Underground upgrade, but looking back through the archives, it was a definite improvement. That's what we're hoping this is.

Two of our goals in upgrading were improving our presentation and professionalism. Overall convenience was also a goal. My job will be a bit more complicated, however, your job (reading and replying), if you choose to accept, will be more convenient. Also, our website manager's job at Smooth Sailing Professional Web Design will now be much easier, allowing him more time to devote to his other business. All in all, we're very happy to make this change. To name a few of these changes, we now have:

  • reply links that are provided to you for fast, easy communication. (Keep in mind the reply comes to me, not to the author of the entry.)
    in this first issue of 2000
    *picking up the conversation from
    Fall Semester's end
    (i.e. CLEP testing)
    *race for the last word
  • a link to the Cheesy Filler page, where a good bit of the humor in the LU comes from, is also provided.
  • a direct link to the "Subscribe" page. Use it to subscribe yourself (if you're reading a friend's copy), or use it to subscribe a friend (check it with them first, please).
  • consistently colored text. Basically, any yellow text or graphic is a link given for your convenience. (And for those of you who have been getting your LU at an off-campus address, with little exception, any comment in green is from your's truly.)

The Underground has always been somewhat interactive. Now, hopefully, it will be even more so.

There will probably be some bugs that will need to be worked out over the next several issues, but please bear with us as we try to make the LU the best it can be.

We welcome your comments about the upgrade/change. Send them early and often (if you intend for them to be published, please indicate so), or give us your comments in the guestbook on the website. If you've got complaints, keep them to yourself. Ha! Ha! No, seriously, please let us know what you think of the new format.

Hello luers. If I can refer you back to LU#18 (click here) of last semester, I'd like to respond to Daniel. You remember, he's the guy that said he didn't want to be arrogant but was anyway ("...not to sound arrogant or anything, but I could write a better essay than almost anyone who goes through their program", among others). Please read his replies again, then proceed with my response to him.

To Daniel:

I have a solution to your English CLEP test dilemma. For that solution, I'd like to quote YOU from your first reply in issue #18 of Fall 1999:

"Get over it."

Need furthur clarification on this solution? For furthur clarification, let me this time roughly paraphrase the first of your two overly arrogant replies from issue #18:

"Now, to cut to the thing that bothers me the most. That is, all of you (unless you are very naive) knew all this already. You know why [the CLEPP test] was [so difficult], yet [you] keep whining for "answers", and complain about [having to take Freshman Comp.]. You say that if they would only [let you in the class] that we could all get along and be happy.

"If [you] do (and I know you do) realize the real issues behind all this, why do you vainly press for answers? The only answer that pops to mind is that you want to catch the [English department]. You want something to rebel against. You are looking for a way to agitate the boiling kettle until it boils over. You are looking to become [a hero] to a class of people who would see you as the leaders in an epic struggle of "us against them". You want to get the [English department] to admit its...motives so that, far from getting along with them, you can misrepresent the situation, paint them as bad guys, and lead a revolution. Then when you have dominance, you can control the situation and paint it to be anything you want it to be. In other words, if the [English department] should admit its motive, you would be able to put it in a headlock and make it cry uncle. ...When will this insanity end?

"It will end now. Because you have been exposed. You dont care about [Lipscomb or the English department]... I smell a rat; a kettle of fish; something stinks. Problem is, its more than just [you]. So there you have it. That is the real...issue, not who ["kept you from passing"], not if it was right or wrong, but who in the end will win. Who will gain the upper hand. You fully realize that for the [English department] to admit freely why it was done they would be cutting their own throat with a knife any of you would be loath to weild. Yet you persist, and press for "the truth" so that you can twist it. Well, now I have given you the truth, which you already knew. But you will continue to press for "answers", and you will never get any. Because [we and the English department are] not as dumb as you think [we are]. It will never cut its own throat. Still, at least consider these words before you "strive for [special interests in test grading]". [Rewarding people for actually doing good on a test] is the oldest game in the book, and [teachers] use it to great effect [to keep arrogant losers like you out of their classes]. ...the question is, what are you really fighting for, and do you really have to? ...So who, in the end, is the greater hypocrite, the silent one [who actually passes the test], or the trumpeting one [who whines about supposed unfair grading standards]? In your [heart] you know the answer."

Thanks for the good readin', Dan-o. This was certainly a fun reply to write. I'm glad the lu is still a place for serious and humorous discussion and still holds firm to its motto.

Brian Holaway

(Bump, set, spike.) rg



I was an "A" student in English and was envolved in the AP program at my high school. I had an ACT of 32 in English and 36 in reading. I thought I'd have no trouble getting around freshman comp. when I took the AP test. However, I only received credit for the first semester because of my score on that test. Nothing really to complain about though, because thousands of seniors all across the country are graded on the same test. They don't know us, we don't know them. They have no vested interest in our money, either. It's an unbiased way to get some deserved college credit. Just curious. . . Did you take the AP exam?

I must add, however, that much of the grading on any composition is subjective. An English teacher at LU gave me a lower grade on a paper than an English teacher at another college told me they thought it should receive. That's just how the cookie crumbles when it comes to grading writing. It is someone else's opinion of your work. If you don't like the opinion that the Lipscomb English department holds regarding your essay, I'd suggest that you head to Nashville Tech to take those classes. That would also allow you to "withhold" that tuition from Lipscomb-- since you believe there is an intentional downgrading on CLEPP tests in order to make a buck. (And it's a ton cheaper there, anyway.)

If you don't like what they're doing in the English department, head somewhere else for English!






This has been out a while, but in this first issue with graphics, I thougt a
Lipscomb-original, pictoral-cheesy filler would be quite appropriate.

I have kept quite this whole semester about the communication and Doug Varnado thing..but no more. like daniel said this place is an institution and has to get money some how. i talked to a very reliable person and he said that varnado had the option to change churches..but he didn't. so it's not completely the administrations fault that varnado is no longer here. also if this school is based on church of Christ faith like it always has been and always be then out teachers should know what these beliefs are before they work here. i'm assuming that varnado knew what the church of Christ beliefs were concerning music in the church when he starting working here and that he knew the penalty if he didn't follow the expectations of him. (i'm saying that because i'm a 1st semester freshmen and i even know that) why is it so wrong that this school expects it's teachers to be examples of our faith? to me it is not unreasonable. from the person i talked to i also know that there are others who attend non traditional churches of Christ. if this school is to continue running then it has to get money from somewhere. if not from churches then who...the government?? personally i love this school. i like having to go to chapel every day..and sometimes even university bible. at a state school how many regular classes (non religious) can the students and teachers have a conversation about God?? According to my friends none. I love the fact that i can openly talk about God with all of my teachers and they won't think of me as some idiot or whatever, like some of my teachers did in my high school. Even though students here may do bad things even the administration most if not all of us love God and want to make the best life we can with him. That is a very strong influence when you went to a school were no one was religious except for a select my friend are the religion. it's great to come here and see people trying to better their relationship with God. So many people here hate the rules of chapel and daily bible..but can they honestly say they would go every day if they werenít forced to..i know i can't. I love going to chapel now. it gives me an opportunity to take 20 minutes out of my day to give price to God. if a person can't do that then they are really selfish. This was one of the things that attracted me to this school. I wanted to better my relationship with God. and I have. not that it has been easy. Iím better person because of it. If people are going to look for the bad things about this school they are going to find them and ignore all the wonderful things that happen every day on this campus. not everyone is always going to be satisfied at our school..because it's not possiable..people will always want to look for the bad in every thing or want to find something to argue about. right now it's the whole communication/varnado thing. president flatt did a wonderful thing by writing to the babbler and explaining somethings. to some people this may not be good enough..but oh well. at least he is making an effort. it's better then some people who are constantly complaining and not doing jack about it. if you want to make something better you have to do something about it.

kate thomas

(No, I wouldn't go to Chapel every day.) rg


while being a new, young reader to the underground, i have randomly and non-biasedly read many of the write-ins from a variety of people - most of whom i dont know. and i have noticed several things. one being that the first issue this year featured the dismissal of doug varnado and the move of athletic divisions to a higher level.

and my opinion on that is actually no more valuable than anyone elses, so let us all keep that in the front of out minds.

do all of you know what i believe we should do with our undying fascination with doug varnado?

get over it!!! he's gone. dr flatt has spoken, and frankly, im sick and tired of hearing about a man dismissed for reasons that have been examined under a microscope repeatedly. the underground has been over this time and time again. and everyone and their freakin dog has written in about it. for those of you who are offended by this, then i suggest that you need to focus your mind elsewhere. lingering on the fact that this man was let go by lipscomb, right or not, is just ridiculous. im sure he was a wonderful man, and im sure he had a tremendous impact on everyone's lives here at lipscomb university, but he's gone. dispite everyone's mistakes, we obviously cant undo what has already been done.

hey...he's gone. lets move on to other issues now.

chris williams

("non-biasedly". . .that's a
funny one) rg


there, I feel much better now.

second: For all of you who think that this forum accomplishes nothing, take a look back at last year. We luers had a serious problem with the way that the SGA was handling things. We felt like they weren't telling us anything and we also thought that they were making some pretty bad decisions. But they listened. We ranted on and on about what we felt were inadequecies in the SGA and suddenly, they are gone. I am very pleased with the way the SGA is handling itself, and I think that the lu has a part in that. We should not give up on the administration, but perhaps we must expand the ways that we express our views. Keep the name, but let us be "underground" no more. They will hear us.

jonathan ling

(Or look to President Flatt's letter to the Babbler. LUers are being heard.) rg


It's certainly nice to have a "first issue of the semester" with more than just a reply or two. We're off to a good start.

I trust your break was fulfilling, if not relaxing. Regardless, we're back to add another semester to this timeline we call Lipscomb University.

Take advantage of the new features this semester and participate in the forum where Lipscomb students come to talk about the real issues. Tell the rest of the citizens of the LU what you're thinking about, what your opinions are, what you don't like, and what you do like by participating in this ongoing discussion. As Ling said, the past few semesters the LU has spoken, and people have listened. (And. . .well. . .sometimes they've laughed. . .anyway.) Moving on. . .

On a similar subect, continue to spread the word to the less fortunate of this campus (those who do not receive a LU). And if you are already forwarding the LU to others, please send their address to the LU staff so we can keep more accurate records of our recipients. Unless, that is, it's someone completely unlikely and the LU's credibility would be destroyed if their name were discovered. In that case, keep it to yourself. Thank you.

Check your mail in a few days for your next edition of The Lipscomb Underground.

Until the LU has reached its limit,
I am,

p.s. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. '79Metz!

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Volume VI, Number 141
January 11, 2000