LU#2 ďServing the greater American area!Ē
12 September 1994

Hello again!  Not much going on here.  I know your livers, er... I mean LIVES will soon be touched because......
Itís the LIPSCOMB UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, itís the biggest and baddest dis list on North America, and you know it so well...
For this issue you will receive:
1.  Your responses to the Chapel mess.
3.  the usual bull thrown in by me and my friends (you!)
Now...on with the show


Question: Where is Todd?  Why didnít he come back?
Comment:  This chapel idea sounds good in theory but in reality I donít think itís going to work.  I think all the people leading the chapels are great people but I donít want to stay with any of them everyday for a whole semester.  Maybe we should suggest that this be tried two times a week or so until people get used to it and then go full scale.  This idea seems pretty crazy to me!
? Katie Lawrence
{Thanks Katie!  Toddís at TN Tech.  Todd is with child.  It
gets more complicated than that so ask me later.; stink}

After hearing about the new chapel policy I began to think of some of the new nicknames for the new chapels.  For some strange reason the word ďLOLLAPAVARNADOĒ popped in my head.  I wonít bother explain what itís suppose to stand for.  Itís a little too obivious.
While the new ďchapel experimentĒ may sound good at first it has some major problems.   I cannot understand why anyone would want to hear the same speaker EVERYDAY.  It would be like having another bible class, except you donít have any grades.  Alot people must feel the same way seeing how Iíve heard that thereís only 100 or so people that have switched out of the ďtraditionalĒ chapel.  I ask the administration why not have it were you can go to the chapel of your choice without having to stay there everyday?  If youíre in the mood for Tom Holland on Tuesday, go there then;  if the all menís chapel is for you on Thursday, go there then and so on...   Also, not to take the focus on the Spiritual aspect of Chapel, but what are they going to do about Marriott with all the chapels (especially the one ďtraditionalĒ chapel) letting out at about the same time?  Iím in to fasting as much as the next guy, but this will be ridiculous!  They canít even handle the chapel rush now.  What makes them think that they can handle it later?
In short the new chapel policy needs alot of improvments.  Iím happy with the way that itís been for the past decade.  The administration is making a big mistake.
? Jeff Whittle

Unfortunately, being a freshman, I have no opinion on this chapel thing.  All of the upper classmen I talk to donít like the idea(well, except for Lee).  People are always afraid of change, no one wants to try new things.
? Kelly Smith


howdy ho campers!!  isnít great to see the underground once again hitting the air waves, or whatever it is that e-mail hits in this modern age of fiber optics.  let me personally send sincerest regards to justin (our fabled editor of the loo) for i know he must wet his bed, with tears, every night when he comes to the realization that todd (oh todd, youíre an awesome todd) is no longer amongst the sewer rats of the first floor.  todd, you will forever live in our subconscious memories.  i for one have sorely missed recieving the weekly 600 lines of stuff that came by every week or so, not that i actually read it all, but it made me feel loved...speaking of love, let me for a few brief moments tell of the two most loved faculty on the hallowed grounds of dlu.
(donít you think the hoi polloi of lipscomb oughta start pushing for that
ďbarefootĒ policy now that chapel is taken care of?)  this summer i had
dr. prill ďthe thrillĒ and this semester i have dr. prewitt.  you know how that
orange juice concentrate tastes before the water is added?  well, thatís how
prill tasted every day for two whole hours this summer.  prill-concentrate,
something mother nature never invented, but should have.  prewitt on the other
hand leaves a much more mellow (my, my, how alliterative) taste in my mouth.
i donít have him every day for two hours a pop, but that is all right.  his
dry, witty, high-brow humor is always a joy and the crap he reads into
literature is truly amazing.  let me say right here and now that i love these
two pillars of _____________ to death, in a completely platonic way of course,
and would recommend any and every student here to meet and get to know them.
well, until the next underground pushes above the topsoil, i am
? lee mayo
(Ahh, Mr. Mayo.  56 lines, an under-par performance.; stink)

Of course, Iím never one to say or do anything controversial, but I just thought Iíd drop a line about why I think the new chapel policy has at least a few positive aspects.
Any other time Iíd be bashing the administration for their often nutty ideas, but this time I have to give them a thumbs up for trying.  Itís no big secret that I do not care for chapel as it is right now.  I personally do not care at all for the white song books and the cheez-whiz services we have now.  I get very little out of chapel...  it is a waste of my time.  (All this from a Bible major...)  This is why I feel fortunate to be provided with an alternative worship and study period where I can contribute in a way that DOES meet my spiritual needs.
Now, if you like chapel the way it is, I think thatís wonderful.  If you are happy, then I applaud your decision to stay where you are.  I realize that different people have different needs, and different worship settings help meet those needs.  The administration focused on those needs and is attepting to do something about it.  Granted, it seems that they havenít done a first rate job planning how we are going to all eat at the same time, but I think at least the multi-chapel concept is an idea that should not be chewed up and spit out before weíve at least had a chance to try it.
Dustin Adkins

$$$$$$$THE POSTINí PLACE$$$$$$$

(formally known as shelf-life)
Lucyís Record Shop
Friday, September 16, 1994
8:30 P.M.
$5.00 (or less)

Come see the possibly new and improved version of DLUís pretty-boy band.
The sasquatch may say, ďHUH?Ē
Merge only plays 40 minutes, do not do encores, and do not talk to the audience.
(even though they love you)
{This band rocks.  Take it from me, itís time well spent.  Itís a great
cheap date.  Especially if youíre Willís girl.; stink}
This Saturday night!  The one and only WES DRIVER and his intrepid cast of thousands will be, at last, on the big screen.  Prepare yourself for the thrill that is...
The drama, the guns, the re-takes!  Itís an experience that you just have to experience.  Saturday the 17th at 7:00.  Donít you dare miss it.


Well, thatís about all I can think to write right now.  A new topic will be out very soon, but for now, chew on the Chapel policy and let everyone know how you feel.
For all those who are getting their first UNDERGROUND of the year, I just got around to updating our list from last year (yall, students at UK, students at The Citadel, the astronauts and the President.  You know the one!).  Again, if you donít want to get this splendid bit of boardmanship, tell me.  And if you know some of your friends that donít get it, tell me and Iíll hook emí up.
Until next time,

I am always,
the biggest smell this
side of Mariott.


P.S.  Love you ToadMan