LU#16 “It’s better than taking a final!”
07 November 1994

For some strange reason, Stinky has entrusted me with the awesome responsibility of sending out this week’s underground.  The fool!  I promise to keep it short.  Bisons 2-0.  Republican sweep! Nuff said. On with the underground!
In this exciting issue:
1. Responses
2. Postin’ Place
3. Improved Spelling  (ouch.  stink)
Now for YOUR responses...
Is it just me, or does anyone else find it “interesting” that the music playing in Bison square has been changed to “christian” music instead of the normal stuff they play-which happened after World Missions Workshop ?  What might this change suggest?  Is secular music ok for lipscomb students but not permissable for other students of christian colleges?  I have no objection to either type of music, but I do have a problem with the thought that the school is merely trying to put up a front to other schools as if to say:
Look at us, we aren’t as liberal as you think. We are a good christian school—see- we even play “christian” music in the square.
I hope that this is a coincidence and not a deliberate change to improve our PR.  It just reminds me of what happened with MTV.  It is also strange that we can’t get MTV, yet we can get BET and watch “Snoop” and “Ice-T” sing about shooting people, drinking, and having sex.  If the school is going to take a stand against “immorality” then I think it would send a better message to the students to have it across the board, instead of pick and choose.  It makes me question whose benifit the rules are for: us or the alumni and parents???
Jenci Eble
“Placing Blame Where Blame Belongs”

reprinted and condensed from “The GIFT - Newsletter of the Groundhog Institute for Free Thinking and Logic” (vol.2 no. 3, November, 1994)
“And he shall place his hands on his head and send him out of the camp, bearing the sins of the people...”
“The son shall not be punished for the sins of the father, nor the father for the sins of the son.  Each shall bear his own iniquity...”
Everywhere we go in this world, we see evil.  On the streets, at work, at school, on the news, even sometimes in our homes, evil lurks and the temptor operates.  We live difficult lives in a difficult world at a difficult time.  We see our freedoms whittled away by those who wish either to rule us or to protect us from ourselves.  We see our children living in fear for their lives and the lives of friends.  We see our parents decrying the state of affairs and longing for the “good old days.”  We see the world, and immediately ask who is to blame.  “Surely a just God would not allow such an evil world to persist,” one might say.  Another pipes in, “It’s our parents’ fault.  They abused us, treated us like children all our lives.  They inhibited our freedoms with pesky rules and childish myths about punishments even they have never experienced.” A third might add, “What is wrong with our children.  We were never like that growing up.  Sure, we tried drugs, but we never SHOT people.  At least we respected life.”  Someone else says, “If we could only get rid of <fill in the blank> .  The world would be so much better.”
Where, then, does the blame lie?  Is the evil of the world the fault of racists, politicians, journalists, parents, kids, churches, God, the devil, or what?  Can we blame all the wrong and bad on something?  After all, it’s not OUR fault, is it?  Is it. . . ??
It is.  It is OUR fault.  Yours, mine, all of us.  Here I speak not as a member of any group, but as a human being.  The evil of the world is our fault.  Our evil is our device.  We have no one to blame but ourselves, and no greater responsibility to our fellow human beings than to correct the evil in ourselves.  We cannot blame another generation, another race, another nation, or another religion.  We must accept the blame for the evils we do and correct the faults in our own lives.
We are not responsible for the problems of others.  They must pay for their own mistakes.  We, however, cannot blame our problems on those mistakes.  On a planet full of humans, we cannot place our confidence in any of them, as all are flawed.  We can, however, change the world.  The first step, however, is not to look in any book or television show or political system.  We must first look in a mirror.  We must acknowledge our own faults and correct them before we can look at others.  To correct them, we can look in a book - the Bible.  However, Bible reading is worthless if we do not admit that we need it to correct problems in our lives.  As it is said, when one points a finger, three point back.  He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
“For by whatever standard you judge, by the same will you be judged.”
<Hope this helps shed some light on the Babbler issue, chapel, T.P.A.F.L., or
whatever else comes up. - Groundhog>
(I still think that all blame should go to James Stone.  stink)
Hey, I wrote something to Steve Shirely last week and at the bottom it said (Place name here). I thought I put my name to it but I must have forgotten. Anyway, it was me who wrote it. That’s all I have to say.
Eric West
Dear readers, fans, and fellow former-Methodists,
Let us band together as one (a unified body) and buy Mr. King another Jimmy Buffett album!  As the foremost Buffett connosseur west of the Tennessee River, I would be happy for ju(stinkin’) to borrow one of my many JB albums. (Eighteen at last count.)  While -Fruitcakes- is a wonderfully melodious and essential piece of classical harmonious sound, there is still a chance that one could, only possibly, overuse this fine example of calypso-ballad-country-rock blended lyricism.  In short, quote -High Cumberland Jubilee- or -A1A- next time.
I’m a long way from a West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown, Greg “Fingers” Taylor (or Brad Denton if you use my Jewish name)
P.S.-  If you really want to get McKelvy/Skeletor in a stir, have Trygg print the two words that come BEFORE “...I declare / Have you seen the light?” (For you less informed loo-ites, Brandon Potter only hinted at ‘em.)
(That will be $43 Mr. Denton for the BB game.  Go sox.  stink)
I think Dan Cooke is a little bit too much of a weenie to be whining about how so-called Christians of the past did all of these terrible things.  Looking back at history through politically correct eyes, viewing Columbus as killing the Indians, etc., is just so stupid.  Without Columbus we wouldn’t be in America in the first place!
We shouldn’t continue apologizing for what Catholics did a thousand years ago during the Crusades, or what Baptist slaveowners did a hundred years ago.  It was awful, but THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!  Let’s just remember that atheists of the past did a whole lot of awful things too.
The best way to present a good side of Christianity is to be giving and kind in our own lives TODAY.
Jana Stephenson

hey all you former high school paper editors and other screwheads:
if any of you out there find typographical errors in the babbler just so darn galling that your tiny mind can’t get past the fact that trygg and i can’t catch everything, then get off your ass on monday nights, come down to the office and do some proof reading.
if you don’t like the quality of the writing or the choice of topics for articles that appear in the babbler, then quit reading your e-mail and write one yourself.
the supremely bitter,
j. grunau
babbler copy editor
Monica - You’re right.  No one seems to know exactly where Powell stands.  I wouldn’t vote for him because he hasn’t chosen a side.  I don’t think that he would sway to what the majority of Americans think (like Jesse Jackson) but he does need to tell us where he stands.  If you’ve noticed, on every chart dipicting the presidential candidates, after Powell’s name they always have a “?”.  One more thing...why do you want a better Ross Perot?  No Ross Perot would be best.
$$$$$$$$$$The Postin’ Place$$$$$$$$$$$$$
He’s a Music Man!  He’s a Music Man!
Come see WES DRIVER!
The director of Josh Action 1, 2 and 3.  As he makes another acting role come alive on stage in Alumni.  Thursday, Friday and Sat.  night at 8:00.  Tickets are free and you have no good excuse to not make it at least one night.  Bring a date.  If you don’t have one, Patrick will go with you.  he he.  Come see (ju)stinkin’ act up a storm (I’m the 3rd tree on the left).  Anyway, It’ll be fun.
Please.  I don’t want to beg.  Come see us.
I’m really scared no one will come see us.  Please come see us.

I don’t want to have to ask you again.  Please give me some food.
Let me sleep in your house.  Come on, it’s cold out here.
Please give me some food.  I’m starving.

I seem to have gotten off the subject...Please come and see “The Music Man”  Thurs., Fri. & Sat. night @ 8:00.
(Thanks Stink. And no Eric I will not go out with you!)
Last Regular Season Volleyball Game Lady Bisons versus Belmont.  Belmont’s Striplin Gym Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. Come out and support the Lady Bisons against our crosstown rivals.


I must add my hardy Amen to Jon Grunau’s comments. The Babbler staff works extremely long and difficult hours. We on the staff still have classes, extracurricular activities, and personal lives as well. We would love for some of you to help us out. Speaking of classes, I should be taking Terry Briley’s final right now! Oh well, such is the life of the graduate student. That does it for this week’s abbreviated underground.
Until the crowd at McQuiddy finally learns to stand during the game,