LU#2 "A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness"
vol. XI, no. 277 September 6, 2005

O the glory of emerging September, the only month that can bring with it cool air, football, and girls throwing food at boys in yellow shirts. Welcome to the second edition of the Lipscomb Underground. This week we have some more doctrine/food dialogue as well a little fresh meat, so dig in and enjoy! As always, keep the posts coming in, since YOU are the ones who really make this forum happen, and hey, why not ask your friends if they get the LU, too?

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Ah. Praise God that the expert on sound doctrine (one Eric Huffman) is right here in our LU midst. (Please note the sarcasm.) You sir, need to spend less time running your mouth spouting your own opinions and more time in company with people that you may not necessarily agree with, listening to them without thinking about how "wrong" you perceive them to be and what your response to them will be.

One of God's People

P.S. - You also may want to spend some time trying to remove that arrogant chip on your shoulder that is telling you that only church of Christ people have a chance of going to heaven. What a judgmental, and disgustingly self-important idea and, I might add, as un-sound of a doctrine as one could profess. Jesus loves and died for everyone, and you can find that in the Bible.

P.P.S. - I'll be praying for you.

(Ah. My first chance at a snide remark, and it's one I can't touch with a 10-foot stick. Darn.
-- Justin)


"...refined carbohydrates (‘cause you’ll get weak and fat all at one time), sex (‘cause you could inflict and experience irreparable mental and physical damage that far surpasses that of any “illicit” substance), exercise (‘cause you could end up tearing down instead of building up) and soap (‘cause it’ll dry your skin). Have I left anything out?"

Why, yes, you have...

how about Everquest or other online multiplayer games ('cause it will cause seizures and or dominate your night life and end dating forever')? Wait....

Now, where did I leave that orc?

The Great White Iguana

P.S. - the same can be said for (and documented with controlled studies), tofu


(I think I would enjoy online multiplayer games, but then that nagging "life" thing keeps getting in the way. That and my computer sucks. -- Justin)


Ohhh Gregory. What have you gotten yourself into? You may not know that this forum is full of naïve sons-a-guns who really really like to complain, a lot. This is no complaint, unless I’m complaining about the complaints complained by the complainers. Whatever. While reading the first issue, I found myself just dumbfounded by the crap some people write about on here. I must not have caught the first part of the conversation, but caffeine? What harm can a little caffeine do? I submit to all that this is retarded and worth none of your time. And everyone knows that this school is full of Republicans, alcohol, and tobacco. I don’t know what they’re thinking because I can never understand a darn thing Bush is saying over my own laughter at his unnatural sentences. Ha. I say that the Church of Christ is good and all, but you know who has it all figured out? Sodexo. You would have to follow a religion to like some of the stuff they try to pass off as food. But, you got to eat right? So starve if you don’t like it.

Until I see more stupid names, I am

The Naughty Penguin.

(In regard to complainers, I can only aspire to restore the LU to the glory days when posters like Jackson Doyle roamed its halls. And yes, I do have to eat, but I think the real enemy here is SYSCO. -- Justin)


Will someone do a favor for alums like me who know practically nothing about the new Lipscomb President and give us your impressions? (I've already read the stuff on the website, so I'm looking for something more concrete and/or personal.) Where is the university heading under this new guy? Did the Board seriously consider a woman and/or minority candidate?

(I doubt it.) Has he announced any major changes yet?
etc. etc. etc.

Dr. Hilarius
class of '99

(From what I've heard, the new prez doesn't start until November. Can anyone verify that?
-- Justin)


Suicide Probation?

Is the person, or the school’s reputation their primary concern? After all, good little Christians aren’t suicidal. (Please note the irony)

How can we live in an open and caring environment if being honest and seeking help results in unwanted restrictions, supervision, and possible expulsion?

Threat of Personal Injury to Self

"Students, at times, may exhibit behavior, which indicates they are a threat to themselves. Examples of such behavior are, but are not limited to: eating disorders or other life-style habits which cause other health risks, repeated remarks about or seeming infatuation with death or suicide, self-mutilation or actual suicide attempts. The university’s first desire and priority is to get help for an individual exhibiting such signs, and therefore, may require certain actions from or maintain special regulations for a student which are deemed to be in the interest of that student’s personal health (e.g., personal counseling/testing may be required to determine the nature and depth of a suspected problem, or certain privileges in the residence hall — such as, the lack of a curfew — may be restricted).   A student’s behavior may be of such an extreme or nature, so that it causes disruptions in the residence hall or in the campus community at-large, or for which the university setting cannot provide a reasonable and healthful solution. This determination will be made by the Office of Campus Life, whenever possible, in association with and under advisement from the university Counseling Center. In such cases, when a student will not accept the decision of the Office of Campus Life voluntarily, disciplinary action may be taken. Action may include, but is not limited to: removal from the residence hall, required residence with a parent or other close relative, or suspension from the university."

Check it out yourself: Quotation taken from page 21 of the new student handbook. (Also available on the campus life code-of-conduct website)


(I'm no expert on how to deal with potential suicides, but I think that if help is coming from the school it should come from the school as community, not the school as institution. Possibly these measures are in place so that the person can get help without the school getting in the way? This should spark some good replies. -- Justin)


Does anyone else think that hall meetings are the suxxors? I mean, really, is there anything in one of those stupid late-night meetings they couldn't post in an E-MAIL? Or how about a sheet with all the "announcements" taped on each door? Some of us would rather be SLEEPING at 12:00 AM. (/rant)

And serious kudos to Dr. Goree for getting up in front of the student body like that and telling his cheating story. That's the kind of genuineness and honesty we need in order to relate with "The Man". Thanks, Dr. G, and keep keepin' it real!

Until girls stop looking hot in sweaters, I am


(Well, if you don't like it, why don't you MOVE OFF CAMPUS! Loser.

...Just kidding, GM. I've always hated that argument. -- Justin)


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LU#2 "A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness"
vol. XI, no. 277
September 6, 2005

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