LU#12 "Monos Santos, Batman!"
vol. XI, no. 287
November 15, 2005

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I have a complaint with the acronyms used for social and service clubs recently. Since when does P = phi? Last I checked, the Greek letter P = rho. That's the same as our English R sound in case you didn't know. Since Greek phi and English F have the same sound, I propose we refer to Alpha Phi Chi as AFX and Tau Phi as TF. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Until we start using an alphabet that makes sense

Will I Am

(I see what you mean, but wouldn't that make X be the greek letter Xi instead of Chi? In which case we now have: AFCh, which isn't nearly as cool-looking as APX. I dunno. Would one of the leaders of Alpha Phi Chi please straighten us out here? -- Justin)


How disappointed I get every time I read the Underground of late. Justin brings up a good and important point. A consequence-threatening institution and "I'm-gonna-get-you" attitude is not the way to encourage a "distinctively Christian" community. If Christ were here (in the flesh, that is), don't you think he'd be more interested in helping people with issues of the heart instead of trying to catch them engaging in a manifestation of that heart issue and punish them according to the handbook? I do. It's a tough issue for me as a rookie RA. I get so discouraged when I see how handbook violations are "handled" around here. But, there is cause to hope. In all the rubble of "hushed-up" situations (that, oddly enough, everyone knows about) that have been "taken care of," there are administrators who are honestly striving to have a Christ-centered approach to addressing issues that arise.

But I want to challenge you, fellow LU readers, to try and take up this cause in your own life. For until we create a community more open to confession (a truly Biblical discipline, believe it or not) without fear of judgment from peers, then things are not really ever going to change around here. We can gripe all we want about the faculty this and the by-laws that, but that's a bunch of crap in my opinion. The real issue is this - we, as students, can initiate positive change on this campus by changing our hearts to try and live more in step with the will of God. That's what we are called to as God's children. That's what it all comes back to.

So stop complaining about these stupid soap-box issues and start trying to be a part of the kingdom as God intended it. I know, not that easy. I challenge myself with that, and I challenge you. Stop whining and start loving the people around you. Is it really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things if you can't find a convenient parking space tomorrow? Not really, eh? Try to focus on real issues. Because even if we had a religiously diverse faculty of Rhodes Scholars and enough parking spaces so that you didn't have to move your car for a basketball game, you'd still find things to complain about. Get over it.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13:34

until we have it all figured out, I am

little lamb

(All I can say is, Amen! And Baaaa... -- Justin)


After living in High Rise for one and a half years, I've come to realize that the elevators are apparently always going to be malfunctioning in some form or fashion. First, the right elevator does not shut on the eighth floor without a helping hand. I can think of at least four or five instances when I have arrived back on campus with the stuff I took home for the weekend only to find that I get to walk up to the eighth floor with all of it. Just a couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to get to know a couple of guys I had not met before due to the fact that we were stuck in the elevator for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Later that day, I got onto the same elevator to find that all the fluorescent lights were out. While all these events ensued with this elevator, the other one had not been working (and still is not, to the best of my knowledge) for the better part of a week. It seems that the elevators are not happy unless one or both of them are taking a break (pardon the pun). A pitch-black ride on a rickety, dirty old elevator was something I thought you could only get at Disney World or a condemned apartment building until I moved to High Rise. We pay how much to live in these dorms?

Glad to be graduating,

The Doc

(But being a doctor, I'm sure you are aware of the multiple benefits of cardiovascular exercise, such as climbing stairs... Um, yeah, I can't wait to graduate, either. -- Justin)


Dear Sober In Nashville,

After reading your posting on the "one heck of a party that Tau Phi threw," I realized that you were uniformed. Actaully, it was not a Tau Phi party. In fact, it was not thrown by someone in Tau Phi, nor was it at a place that any member of Tau Phi owns nor was the property frequented by anyone in Tau Phi. Also, there were under 20 members of Tau Phi in attendence at the party. It is true there were over 200 people there, but if you do the math less than 10 percent of the people in attendence there was Tau Phi. Another thing you have to know is that the majority of the people in Tau Phi were not drinking, nor was any member of Tau Phi drunk. In fact, there were fewer social club people at the party than people not in social clubs. Saying all this, what makes you think that it was a Tau Phi party? Do you think that we had a Tau Phi officers meeting discussing an after party? Do you think we discussed who should be invited and where it should be? Do you think we took an officer's vote and planned the party out? If the truth be known, none of that happened. I should know, I am an officer.

I am so glad that you took the Christ-like position to gossip about members of Tau Phi. I think you are definitely taking the best approach to reaching people who need help by bashing them publicly on a website read by many parents, alumn, and the deans. I bet all the readers think that you are super mature and righteous. Also, I love the fact that you call yourself "Sober in Nashville." By saying this you are making it seem like Tau Phi is not sober in Nashville. I would like you to know that I have always been sober in Nashville. Paul says in the 3rd chapter in Romans that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," so get off your self-righteous horse and start trying to reach out to drunkards. Maybe you should have been at that party trying to develop relationships rather than publically damning people who wear jerseys on Thursday. It is people like you who make Christianity so unappealing, and thank you so much for making the job of people in the trenches that much harder. Jesus loves people in Tau Phi just as much as he loves you, Sir Sober. By the way, Sigma Chi Delta lost their charter because they chose not to do the community service hours they were assigned for throwing the party dubbed "Big scary." If the deans, who are supposedly buddy-buddy with Tau Phi, want to punish us I will be first to do the work, even though I did nothing to break school rules. Thank you for trying to create more of a rift between those in Lipscomb's greek system and those who are not. I will not let stupidity like yours go unnoticed. Take heed to the words of Paul in Col 3:14 "above all virtues (even your self righteousness), put on love which will bind them together (social clubbers and non social clubbers) in perfect unity.


Rob Stubbs aka B-Rob aka chaplain and proud member of Tau Phi

(My comments on this matter are at the bottom. -- Justin)


Sober in Nashville: good for you. I guess it'll never end. It's kind of amusing to wander onto the Underground and find that there are people out there who seem to know so much about others at this school and feel it is their place to talk with such certainty about them. There's no use in trying to argue or change your mind. You will think what you want because you think you know it all. I just wanted you to know that while you are judging all those people, the clubs, and whatever else you have such a "holy" problem with, don't worry because they don't judge you. If you want to drink, fine. If you want to have a devo, fine. It's no concern of theirs. I mean, who sits around and talks about people they don't even know? I guarantee you they don't. I just don't really understand the point of you whining about this: first you defend a social club, then you bash one? When you know them, then you can say something. Until then, take your righteous advice and quit the gossip.

Reagan Thomas



I read a few weeks ago in the Tennessean about the government grant for the parking garage. Maybe this is just me being a Libertarian, but should the Federal Transportation bill really include money for a parking garage at a private university? I might could understand the state doing it, or the city, but I think that the Fed paying for LU's parking garage is the epitome of pork. I mean, they might as well build a bridge to nowhere in Alaska.

In response to Sober,

AMEN about those sinful drinkers of alcohol! I mean, they should get their charter revoked, get kicked out of school, maybe put in the stocks for a few days, or maybe wear a scarlett letter A for ALCOHOLIC (or wait, that was adultery).

I'm glad someone as holy as you called these people out for their debauchary, which probably involved more than just alcohol. We need more people like you who have got it together to tell these sinners everything they are doing wrong. I'm glad there are true Christians still at Lipscomb.

Seems like there was someone in the bible who got labeled (unfairly, I imagine) a drunkard. He didn't seem to have a problem with alcohol, or the fact that self righteous people such as yourself liked to gossip about him. Check out Luke 7:33-34

Until people start dealing with the plank in their own eye,

I AM Justin Mundie

(Yay for Libertarians! Too bad I'm a Socialist... -- Justin)


I thought I'd take this opportunity to respond to all of the negative backlash directed at "Sober":

In light of some of controversies in the last few years surrounding false accusations on the LU, my policy as the current host is to not post submissions that could potentially ruin individual reputations or propagate malicious gossip UNLESS the submitter agrees to sign the post with their full, real, and verifiable name. While it's fun to use pseudonyms and have secret identities, in any community there needs to be some degree of accountability for what you say, and this seems to be the best way to implement that in the LU without hampering its free-speech nature.

That said, I want to apologize to the guys in Tau Phi and the LU community in general for including last week's post from Sober without asking for his/her real name. Perhaps I didn't look closely enough, but I read it as more of a pointing out of an administrational inconsistency than an attack on Tau Phi. In any case, I'll be more careful in the future.

Your loyal host,

Justin Gregory

(Couldn't have said it better myself. -- Justin)


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A few interesting and time-wasting websites: - Urban Legends Reference Pages (Thanks to Blake Anderton).

OkCupid Politics Quiz - This quiz is pretty comprehensive and tries to stay accurate by avoiding hot-button issues like abortion that can swing people out of their normal political ideology. Like I said, I'm a socialist, somewhere between Darth Vader and Ghandi.

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LU#12 "Monos Santos, Batman!"
vol. XI, no. 287
November 15, 2005

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