LU#10 "The Goldman Girls"
vol. XI, no. 285
November 1, 2005

Welcome, illustrious readers! As you'll see, the major topic of this week's edition of the Lipscomb Underground concerns the quality of Lipscomb's academics. Can anyone attest to the ideas submitted here? Is this issue really affecting student enrollment? Send in your thoughts, and happy reading!

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Wood and I am an alumnus from 1996. I've never posted on the LU before but wanted to submit what's below; it came to me in an e-mail and I'm trying go get it out to as many folks as possible.

(Here is the letter, which concerns a US soldier and believer who was injured while serving in Iraq. -- Justin)



A little defensive are we? As much as I enjoyed your thought-provoking "get over yourself/go somewhere else" response, why not address the issue the previous submission raised? Namely, the piss-poor academic quality of Lipscomb's professors. Now before you get all huffy and pound out an equally intelligent "transfer to MTSU/God hates you"; permit me a paragraph or so to break the issue down for you.


Let's add up the above and see if we can agree on any simple conclusions.

Combining small pool of "Lipscomb acceptable" candidates, the subpar pay (let me reiterate this Mouse, the best your husband will ever do is 85k, I shudder to think what he's making now), and the opportunity to be treated like a preteen by the administration; it's no wonder no one wants to teach (or stay) here.

Given the choice between a highly respected Baptist academic at the top of his or her field and a fresh out of college CoC assistant professor, Lipscomb's taking the CoC'er everyday. A number of us find that a disservice to Lipscomb's students and reputation.

Now Mouse, I'm already anticipating your "you knew when you got here all the professors were CoC" and you're absolutely right, I did know that. So what? Does that somehow preempt me (or anyone else for that matter) from having an opinion on the detrimental effects of Lipscomb's hiring policies? Bottomline: If Lipscomb wants to continue to be a Mickey Mouse college they can continue to hire people that should be teaching special ed elementary courses. If they want to turn around their shrinking enrollment (Check out Sunday's Tennessean for an article detailing the explosion in enrollment across the board at virutally every Tennessee college. Lipscomb gets a shout-out as one of the few schools thats shrinking - for the fifth year in a row, no less) they need to start by opening up their faculty beyond the CoC fraternity.

Anyhow, Mouse, I hope you've grasped the concern of the student body and the alumni. In the meantime, enjoy being regulated like a naughty middle schooler by the Lipscomb 5-0 and try to stay within the means of your "assistant professor" husband's laughable salary (although I hear there's affordable housing on the other side of Nolensville). Oh yeah, tell him to buckle down on that online Master's course. I hear the final's a bitch.

Big Ballin' Vandy Law Student

(I don't know what your major was, BBVLS, but I have to say that the academic quality of my professors has been nothing short of excellent. I agree that this is an issue, though. -- Justin)



I never said I had a problem with Lipscomb profs being CoC, so just calm down. All I'm saying is that the university should consider hiring from outside the CoC denomination. If Belmont keeps recruiting professors away from Lipscomb, where will the new professors come from? And I wouldn't call it a rule, either--rules are for students (which I'm not anymore). That mandatory chapel rule is another discussion....


I'll give you that one. The current routes are designed to get people to/from/around downtown along major routes and getting magnet school kids to school. But what other cities of Nashville's size and sprawl have a much better bus system? The real problem lies in the wasteful American way of life--I should have moved to Europe. And the website is up-to-date--they revised the schedules in August.

Did anyone here know that if 10% of the US population used public transportation like Europe, we could reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil by the amount imported from Saudia Arabia? For those of you interested:

Looking for work in London,

Bus Ridin' Fool

(Yes! A city without cars! We finally have the solution to Lipscomb's parking dilemmas!

Did you know that up until ~the 50's or so students weren't allowed to have cars on campus? Seriously, I think these car-free guys have tuned into something important to the future of our society. -- Justin)



It is nice to know that the Underground is being read by others.

I believe you have missed the point of what the last few posts have been trying to say. Yes, most of us are aware of the rules on this campus no matter how crazy we might think they are. I am not saying one should abolish the rules for the sake of abolishing rules. What the discussion has been about (concerning the acceptance of professors from outside the CoC) has pertained to Lipscombís departments suffering from having a shortage because of a lack of CoCs with Ph.D.ís. So if the academics keep suffering, there will be no reason to have this discussion because there will be no Lipscomb. Every university in Nashville has seen significant growth except one. Lipscomb has declined in students over the past few years. One must look at the reasons for this decline. This is also an academic institution and not a place for the indoctrination of a denominationís theology.

We could talk about breaking rules for the sake of progress. During desegregation, Lipscomb had the rule of not admitting anyone of a particular ethnicity. In fact, President Pulles was a staunch racist. There were no exceptions to this rule. People that were not white could not even stay in the dorms for one night even if it were for the purposes of a conference. So I guess if you would like to argue that we knew the rules when we got here and they are perfectly fine, then it would have been fine with you to not speak out against the race rule if your husband had been an associate professor and CoC in the 1970ís.

St. Jerome

(Thank you for your well-reasoned and respectful response, St. Jerome. Do you see anything we can learn here, fellow LU-landers? -- Justin)


to the mouse

it's not necessary to be so rude to someone expressing their opinion (bus riding fool). and telling them to get over theirselves? come on. the lu is meant for people to write and complain about lipscomb. and he did have several good is pretty sad when lipscomb loses CoC professors to belmont. and who's to not complain about the parking situation? it's horrible! if people didn't complain about lipscomb then it would never get any better. and do you not agree that there's a little room for improvement? so let's not be so harsh next time.

the cat

(And next week, we'll hear from the dog! -- Justin)



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LU#10 "The Goldman Girls"
vol. XI, no. 285
November 1, 2005

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